Prayers For My Pup!

I know some people who don't understand my love for my dogs... and I know some of you completely understand.  My dogs are my fur-babies.  

My eight year old lab went to the vet this morning to have a couple of lumps/tumors removed.  No idea if they're cancerous or not... but one in particular had gotten pretty big next to his hip... so I wanted to go ahead and get it taken care of.

Now this is the first time since he's been neutered that I've left him at the vet for ANYTHING.  So I am a nervous wreck.  I did call at lunch time to check on him and they said he did great and was in recovery and I can pick him up at 4pm.  Which is great news.  I am a little worried about once I get him home.  His "sister" is a wild thing, so keeping her away from him should be an adventure and a challenge.  

If you're the praying type, I'd appreciate your prayers.  Cody is my baby and I hope to have MANY more years with him.  

Thanks guys!  

Cody and his "sister" Harley!


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