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Ways We Unwind

More and more studies show being out in nature can really help you de-stress.  But according to a new survey, going for a walk is only the FIFTH most popular way we unwind.  And three of the top 10 involve staring at SCREENS even more . . .


1.  Binge-watching a show.


2.  Watching a movie.


3.  Reading a book.


4.  Listening to music.


5.  Going for a walk.


6.  Taking a hot bath.


7.  Browsing the Internet.  So that's the third screen-related activity.


8.  Eating a snack.


9.  Drinking.


10.  Exercising.



The survey also asked people why they find it HARD to relax.  The three most-common answers were, "I'm a worrier," "I struggle to switch off," and "I'm too busy." 



(Daily Mail)

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