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Survey Results: Top 10 Signs Of "Adulting"

Everyone's so desperate to extend their childhood DEEP into their 20s and maybe even 30s today that they needed a word to describe it when they actually do ANYTHING to act like a grown-up.  And that's how "adulting" was born.


 Here are millennials' top 10 signs of adulting, according to a new survey . . .


1.  Having a steady job.


2.  Being financially independent.


3.  Paying a bill on your own.


4.  Paying rent or a mortgage on your own.


5.  Paying for your car on your own.


6.  Making a budget.


7.  Filing your taxes.


8.  Cooking your own meals.


9.  Moving out of your parents' house.


10.  Being on time for work.


Some things that just missed the top 10 are:  Doing your own laundry . . . showering regularly . . . reading news . . . confronting someone directly instead of blasting them on social media . . . and moving out of your hometown.  


(New York Post)

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