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Spring Clean Your Tech Devices

If it's been a while since you've cleaned out your computer, tablet, and phone, here are five tips on how to get started . . .


1.  Be aware of how you're spending your time.  The average person in the U.S. checks their phone about 50 times a day. 


If you're on the high end of that, install an app like Moment or QualityTime that tracks your phone usage could help.  Those apps will let you set limits on your screen time, and give you an alert if you go over. 


2.  Clean out your files.  Go through your computer, tablets, and cell phones and either transfer files to the cloud or an external hard drive or delete them.  Then go through your apps and delete the ones you never use anymore. 


Keeping all your old photos, apps, and text messages takes up memory, so purging them should make things run faster.



3.  Physically clean your devices.  Once you've digitally cleaned your devices, you should physically clean them too.  


Compressed air is a good way to clear dust, hair, and all the other debris that accumulates over time.  And for your phone, a nontoxic screen cleaner and microfiber cloth should help it look new again.


4.  Clean your social media accounts.  There's been a big push this week to delete Facebook, after it came out that our data was once again being misused. 


But if you're not prepared to take THAT step, you can still clean up your accounts by unfollowing people you never interact with or who post things that just get you riled up.


5.  Try a digital detox.  The idea here is to try doing something a few hours a week without your phone.  And you don't even need to leave it at home or anything . . . you can just set the "Do Not Disturb" so you won't get interrupted with any calls, texts, or emails.



(MindBodyGreen / New York Times)

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