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Signs You're Really Good At Your Job!

Here are five signs you're really good at your job, even if you don't realize it . . .


1.  You offer solutions, not just problems. You don't just tell your boss what's broken about the company.  You also have ideas on how to fix it.



2.  You can say no to your boss without being disrespectful.  You shouldn't be insubordinate or just refuse to do stuff because you don't want to.  But most managers don't want to be surrounded by 'yes men' either.



3.  You keep your promises.  There's a term in the military called a "say-do gap."  People who have a BIG say-do gap promise a lot of things but don't always deliver.  People who have a narrow say-do gap almost always do what they say they will.



4.  People come to you for advice or want to network with you.  In other words, if your colleagues think you're knowledgeable and good at your job, you probably are.



5.  You take on extra responsibilities that add new job skills.  A woman named Kat Cole is a great example.  She started as a waitress at Hooters in her early 20's.  But she also filled in as a cook and a manager, so she knew the place inside and out.


 It made her so valuable, she got promoted to vice president of development when she was 26.  Then she became the president of Cinnabon.  And now she's the COO and president of their parent company, Focus Brands. 



(Business Insider)

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