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Shake Hands When You're Sick?

The flu is so bad this year, it's tempting to just stay home so you don't come in contact with anyone.  That's why this new survey about HAND SHAKING caught our attention . . .


Over 1,000 people were asked how they greet people when they're sick.  11% said they just shake hands anyway.  Thanks a lot, jerks.



For everyone else, here are the top five things we do INSTEAD of shaking hands.  The percentages don't add up to 100, because they were allowed to pick more than one . . .



1.  Wave hello instead of shaking.  51% said they do it.


2.  Just avoid shaking hands altogether, 45%.


3.  Fist bump, 16%.  We thought that would be a little higher.  Studies have found it's much safer than shaking hands.


4.  Air kiss, 10%.


5.  High-fiving them, 8%.  A study in 2014 found it only transmits about half as many germs as shaking hands. 




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