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Woman Adopts Dog That Looks Like A Puppy She Had As A Kid!

What a cool story!  Who doesn't love a great reunion story?

There's a 21-year-old woman near Pittsburgh named Nicole Grimes, who got a puppy named Chloe when she was 10 years old, but couldn't keep it.

 Her dad worked from home, and Chloe was a little yappy dog that barked a lot.  So her parents took her back to the Humane Society, and Nicole never saw her again.

 Then last week, she saw one of her Facebook friends post something about an elderly neighbor who passed away.  And they were looking for someone to adopt the neighbor's dog.


 It ALSO happened to be named Chloe and kind of looked like the puppy Nicole had as a kid.  So on a whim, she said she'd adopt it.  And it turned out it was the SAME DOG.


 Nicole's parents had Chloe microchipped as a puppy.  Her mom still had the number, and it was a match.  So they know for sure that it's the same dog.


Nicole says Chloe immediately cuddled up to her and started licking her face when they were reunited.  So she thinks Chloe remembered her too. 





(Here are before-and-after photos.)

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