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Top 8 Sauces We'll Eat On Our Wings This Weekend

According to the National Chicken Council's annual "Chicken Wing Report," Americans will eat 1.35 BILLION wings over Super Bowl weekend.  That's an all-time record, up almost 2% from last year.


They also polled people to find out what our favorite SAUCES are.  Meaning things that either go on the wings themselves, or things we like to dip them in.  Here are the top eight answers . . .


1.  Ranch dressing, obviously.  59% of people said it goes well with wings.


2.  Buffalo sauce or hot sauce, 48%


3.  Barbecue sauce, also 48%.


4.  Honey mustard, 35%.


5.  Blue cheese, 33%.


6.  Teriyaki sauce, 23%.


7.  Sriracha, 15%.


8.  Plain wings with no sauce, 8%. 



(National Chicken Council)

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