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Things We Think Are Normal As Americans!

There's a lot of stuff in this country that seems totally normal to us . . . but confuses the heck out of tourists who come here from other countries.



Here are 10 things that seem normal to us but aren't to our international visitors . . .



1.  Cranking the air conditioning on full blast everywhere.


2.  Our massive highways and the massive cars on them.


3.  Restaurants serving water with ice cubes in it, even in the winter.


4.  All the different flavors and varieties of foods like Oreos and Cheez-Its.


5.  Having so many commercial breaks during TV shows.


6.  Price tags not including the tax.


7.  Laws changing from state to state.


8.  Servers who are working for tips . . . which makes them way more attentive and always asking "Is everything okay?"


9.  Pharmacies that sell beer and cigarettes.


10.  All of our money being the same size and mostly the same color. 




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