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Never Do These Things To Your Eyes

 You're not supposed to sleep in contacts, even if they're the kind that are approved for overnight wear.  It increases your chances for an eye infection, and you can also develop ulcers on your EYEBALLS. 


Here are five more things you should never do to your eyes . . .


 1.  Don't skip the eye doctor for years on end.  Even if you don't wear glasses, you're supposed to go every year.  They can find stuff you'd normally miss, like broken blood vessels or even tumors.



2.  Don't put eyeliner on your waterline.  That's the part of your bottom eyelid that's inside your eyelashes.  Some women do it, but it can get bacteria in your eye and cause an infection.  So it's safer to wear it outside your lashes.



3.  Don't wear eyeliner to bed.  It can clog the glands around your eyes, irritate your skin, cause pimples, and also cause a stye.  So that's one big reason you should try to not pass out with your makeup on.



4.  Don't use old, expired contact solution.  It's not as effective, so bacteria can survive easier and cause an eye infection.  And if you find an old pair of contacts that have been sitting in the same case for a year, don't use them.  Toss them out.



5.  Don't use Visine every day.  It helps with bloodshot eyes by shrinking your blood vessels.  But over time, that can make you more likely to get bloodshot eyes.  So if it's an ongoing issue, see an eye doctor and get drops that aren't as harsh. 




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