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Are These Jobs "Robot-Proof?" posted a list of careers that are supposedly "robot-proof."  The chances of androids taking these jobs away from humans are pretty low, at least in our lifetime. 


But some people disagree, and think A LOT of them could get taken by machines . . .


1.  Teachers.  Obviously schools are relying more and more on computers.  But actual HUMAN teachers probably aren't going anywhere for a while.  There might be fewer jobs though if more classes start happening online.



2.  Nurses and doctors.  That one's a little iffy.  The A.I. system Watson that dominated on "Jeopardy" is ALREADY diagnosing patients.



3.  Cops.  Robot security guards exist now.  But one in D.C. fried itself by driving into a fountain last month.  So we'll probably need ACTUAL cops for a while.



4.  Lawyers.  Unless the entire justice system gets a massive overhaul, they probably won't be out of work anytime soon.



5.  Physical therapists.  But they're already using more and more technology to help with injuries.  So that one's questionable. 



6.  Hair stylists.  We're probably still a ways away from a "Jetsons" style robot that does your hair for you.




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