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Is This The "Perfect Job"?

A new study asked people to describe the PERFECT job situation.  And the answers show we're not THAT greedy.  We just want a flexible, part time job that pays almost six figures.  That's not too much to ask, right?


 Here are the elements of the perfect job . . .


1.  24 hours a week, or about five hours a day.


2.  Pays $80,000-a-year.


3.  Free food in the office.


4.  A dress code that lets you wear jeans.


5.  It's only 12 minutes away from where you live . . . but you also have the option to work from home.


6.  Six weeks of paid vacation and holidays a year.


7.  Flexible work hours.


8.  And a cool boss who sometimes wants to go out for a drink. 



(Daily Mail)

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