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Top Ten Most Stressed Out Cities!

 A new study ranked the 150 biggest cities in America according to how STRESSFUL it is to live there.  They looked at stuff like how many hours the average person works . . . how much debt people have . . . and things like divorce rates.



You'd think that the bigger the city, the more stressful it is.  But none of the five BIGGEST cities in America made the top 20.  Here are the top ten . . .



1.  Newark, New Jersey.  It ranked first in work-related stress . . . fourth in money-related stress . . . and seventh in family-related stress.


2.  Detroit.


3.  Cleveland.


4.  Jackson, Mississippi.


5.  Miami.


6.  Birmingham, Alabama.


7.  San Bernardino, California.


8.  Rochester, New York.


9.  Augusta, Georgia.


10.  Shreveport, Louisiana.  As far as the five BIGGEST cities in America go:  New York ranked 49th . . . Los Angeles, 36th . . . Chicago, 24th . . . Houston, 31st . . . and Phoenix, 58th.  (Check out the full list of 150 cities here.) 



(Wallet Hub)

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