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Top 10 Reasons We Gain Weight At Our Jobs

There's NOTHING better than getting to shift the blame for gaining weight, so this is great.  A new survey found the top 10 reasons why your JOB makes you put on pounds.  See, it's not your fault . . . it's that damn job.



According to the survey, 45% of people say they've gained weight at their current job, and 10% have gained more than 20 pounds.  Here are the 10 reasons why . . .



1.  Sitting at a desk most of the day.  51% said this contributed to their weight gain.


2.  Too tired from work to exercise.  45% said it was a factor.


3.  Eating because of job stress, 38%.


4.  No time to exercise before or after work, 38%.


5.  Eating out all the time, 24%.


6.  Having to skip meals because of time, 19%.  (Not sure how that adds to weight gain . . . maybe it's because you overeat later because you're so hungry?)


7.  Celebrations at work, 18%.


8.  The office candy jar, 16%.


9.  Pressure to eat food your coworkers bring in, 8%.


10.  Happy hours, 4%. 



(PR Newswire)

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