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The Best Frozen Pizzas?

I'm pretty sure every single American has eaten frozen pizza at some point in their life.  Probably even in the last year.  It's one of our most important cultural foods.

So now this:  A writer for the website Uproxx just put herself out there by publishing a ranking of the top 10 frozen pizzas, based entirely on her opinions.  Here's how she sees them . . .



1.  Red Baron.


2.  DiGiorno's.


3.  Hot Pockets.


4.  Stouffer's French Bread.


5.  California Pizza Kitchen.


6.  Bagel Bites.


7.  Tombstone.


8.  Totino's Pizza Rolls.


9.  Amy's vegetarian, gluten free pizza.


10.  Trader Joe's. 




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