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Six Words You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong!

We've got a list of six common words people mispronounce all the time.  And there's a chance you've gone your whole life pronouncing at least one of them wrong.



1.  Mischievous.  It's three syllables, not four.  Some people say "mis-CHEE-vee-us."



2.  Espresso.  There's no "X" in there, but a lot of people pronounce it "EX-presso."



3.  Prerogative.  There's an "R" after the "P."  So it's "PRE-rogative", not "PER-ogative."  You'll probably never get called out for that one though.



4.  Asterisk.  A lot of people say "aster-IX," like there's an "X" at the end.  But it ends in "S-K," so it's aster-ISK."



5.  Triathlon.  Almost everyone pronounces four syllables . . . tri-ATH-uh-lon.  But it's really just three, "tri-ATH-lon."



6.  Supposedly.  A lot of people pronounce it like there's a "B" at the end . . . "supposably."  Which IS actually a word, but they mean slightly different things.



"Supposedly" with a "D" means "apparently" . . . "supposably" with a "B" means "conceivably."  But don't use it.  Even though it's technically a word, most people will think you're an idiot. 



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