Happy Cinco De Mayo! Tequila Facts!

 It's Friday . . . it's Cinco de Mayo . . . so what better way to celebrate than by talking about TEQUILA.  Here are five facts you may not have known . . .



1.  People in the United States consume twice as much tequila as Mexico, where it originated.



2.  On a typical day, margaritas account for about 23% of all cocktail sales in bars and restaurants . . . but on Cinco de Mayo, more than 47% of cocktails sold are margaritas.



3.  Tequila is made from a plant called agave, not cacti.  In fact, agave plants are more closely related to LILIES than a cactus.



4.  Despite what you've heard, worms AREN'T found in bottles of tequila.  They're in mezcals, which is a liquor that's also made from the agave plant.



5.  The famous Champs song "Tequila" had a sequel.  It was called "Too Much Tequila", and it reached #30 on the Billboard Hot 100.



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