How To Never Lose Another Sock In Your Laundry AGAIN!

I was curious about this because growing up, it NEVER failed that I ALWAYS lost a sock when doing my laundry and my socks never matched. It's a good thing that I'm not OCD when it comes to that sort of thing. But what can I say, I'm the oldest child of four kids that my parents had and they worked full time jobs. That's lots of socks for a family of SIX... However, I wish I had known this 'Simple Hack' when I was younger. It definitely would have made life so much easier especially with playing softball and always needing good socks for workouts, practice, lessons and game time!

From Yahoo:

If you're like me, you've lost your fair share of socks over the years. Sometimes one single sock will just mysteriously up and leave from your suitcase while traveling, causing an imbalance in your sock drawer. But most times, you'll lose sight of a sock or two when all you were trying to do was clean and take care of them. We're talking about the mishaps of doing laundry with the infamous sock-eating dryer.
We've all been there: Post-laundry, as you fold up and place your warm, lavender-scented belongings into their drawers, you’ll notice something is up. With just one blue sock in the hand, you'll scour the laundry basket and surrounding area looking for its match... butnothing. You'll wonder if you dropped the sock while traveling from the laundry room/ laundromat to your bedroom. Or maybe, it's still hiding in the dryer. If you're lucky, you can easily go retrieve it. But in many cases, that sock vanished the second you walked away from the dryer. It's over. The socks have split.
Fortunately,Reader's Digestsuggested an easy way to make sure you never lose another sock in the laundry room again: pin them together! The publication suggests using a stainless steel pin (as it won't rust in the washing machine) to clip your pairs together as you gather up your load.

Yeah, that's a pretty smart thing to do... Why didn't I think of this before?! LOL


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