John Michael Montgomery Is Back After Having Vocal Surgery

His friends call him "John Boy", but we know him as John Michael Montgomery! Montgomery joined the Bobby Bones Show to talk about his song, "I Swear". John says Frank Myers pitched him the song on a cassette tape after he was celebrating the fact that "I Love The Way You Love Me" went number one. He decided to cut it and it ended up being bigger than he imagined. Well Atlantic Records called him into a meeting and asked if he wanted to go pop with the song. After Montgomery declined they said there was another group, All-4-One, who wanted to release it. Montgomery gave his blessing and the song became a number one hit as a pop song in multiple countries. Fun fact, All-4-One also released "I Can Love You Like That" by Montgomery because both artists felt like the songs needed to be heard across genres.

Montgomery says he's noticed that a whole new generation of fans have come to see his shows. He believes it's because of karaoke; but these fans have changed what he would consider is his number one hit. It used to be "I Swear" but now it's "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)."

Bobby jokes that Montgomery has so many fast paced songs he doesn't now how he keeps his breath. Montgomery says that when you play so many bars and night clubs you need to keep the crowd entertained. He says he actually ended up having vocal surgery a few months ago and had to take some time off from singing. He was a little worried coming back because he wasn't sure if his voice was going to still be as strong as it was. He says this isn't his first vocal surgery and he would like new/young artists to know that it is very important to take care of your voice. He remembers shows where he would go on stage not knowing if his vocal chords were going to work that night.

Watch the full interview with John Michael Montgomery below!

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