Downtown Dozen 5K/10K for Children's Hospital!

"The Downtown Dozen is a fully student-run endeavor that supports Jaguar Miracle at Augusta University. The race was born out of a desire for both the university and the Augusta community to support the hospital in serving children from all over Georgia in need of exceptional healthcare. All proceeds go towards the Children's Hospital of Georgia that provides excellent healthcare as a non-profit facility, relying on donations of people like you and organizations like us."

Not satisfied with the typical race or walk for charity? The Downtown Dozen offers runners of all skill levels the chance to not only challenge their hearts, lungs, and legs, but also their stomachs.  Nothing is better than a dozen hot and fluffy donuts...and now that delectable treat is available for the small price of a little calorie churning run.

A lighthearted spin on the usual race, the Downtown Dozen is a 5K and 10K with racers running the majority of the race through the streets of downtown Augusta.  The twist comes in the middle of the course where participants will stop to eat donuts as quickly as possible before racing to the finish.  For those who can’t stand the thought of donuts and running (you really should give it a try), there is an option to run the race as normal and enjoy your box of donuts after the dust settles at your own pace. 

This race is geared for everyone. Young or old, fitness-minded or sugar-hungry, serious runner or fun-seeking enthusiast, the Downtown Dozen has a place for you! The donuts will be hot, the field will be hungry, the course will be set, and all that’s left is for you to sign up today!

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