The Highwomen Want To 'Hold The Door' For Women In Country Music


The Highwomen — consisting of Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hemby — released their debut album on Friday (September 6) and it's filled with female-centric anthems.

In a new interview with Esquire, the women candidly discussed their music, inspiration, and goals for the group and it's incredibly inspiring.

While Shires explained that "the idea was never, 'Let’s make a supergroup,'" the quartet has really created something super that people can relate to. "Our record is very much about women’s stories," Morris explained. "There’s not really a whole lot of pining for a lover or unrequited love. It’s all really relatable."

With a music genre dominated by their male counterparts, the country group not only want to be a revolutionary piece in country music history but, maybe more importantly, want to be the soundtrack to the lives of young girls everywhere. "I feel like little girls will hear the Highwomen and be changed by it. It’s going to be the background music and the defining music of their youth," Morris said. "it’s really important for young girls to hear songs that are about the experiences they may be having or are going to have in life," Carlile added.

The songs off their debut album vary from newly penned songs or ones the members had in their back pockets; such as Morris' demo "Loose Change." The band also made headlines with its beautifully-crafted love song "If She Ever Leaves Me" sung from one woman to another.

"It just makes sense that we could affect or maybe move the needle on those stories being told by more women in country music," Carlile explained. "We want to get in and we want to hold the door for all the women that are trying to do it."


Photo: Getty Images


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