STUDY: Mom's Go Through Depression During Middle School Years!

Mom's brace yourselves... it's all going to be okay! We know it's tough with a kid in middle school and they're trying to find themselves in life, friends and school. It's tough being a mom because you know deep down, they're growing up fast.

From Yahoo:

A2016 study that recently resurfaced, conducted by researchers at Arizona State University, found that among a survey of 2,200 moms, those “of middle-schoolers [were] faring the most poorly” while “mothers of adult children and infants [were] faring the best.”
One of the study’s co-authors, ASU psychology professor and mother of twoSuniya Luthar, Ph.D., toldCNNafter the study was published in early 2016 that she “was a little taken aback” at the findings, quipping, “apparently preadolescence is the new adolescence or junior high school or middle school is the new high school.”
The research showed thatmoms with kids in middle schoolreported more extreme levels of stress and loneliness in their lives, according to CNN, paired with the least amount of fulfillment and satisfaction.

It makes sense moms... We feel you!



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