'High School Senior Posts School For Sale on Craigslist as a Senior Prank'

So we all know that Seniors are notorious for pulling off the pranks their last year of high school and let's face it, some of them are kind of hard to be mad about... BUT I'm not saying it's good to do nor would I promote it. I guess that's why I sat back to watch and let folks participate when they tried to get me involved...

Well, that's not what happened in this one particular high school in Missouri. Gizmodo reports this student posted his high school for sale on Craigslist as a 'laid back' prank. Nothing harmless, right? Wrong. According to officials, it ended up being considered a threat...

While some of his classmates wanted to execute senior pranks that would potentially disrupt classes, Missouri high school student Kylan Scheele opted for some tomfoolery that was a little morechill.
“Other people were going to release live mice or, you know, building a beach in the front lobby area,” Scheeletold Kansas City’s Fox affiliate. “And I thought let’s do something more laid back, so I just decided to post the school for sale.”
Scheele listed Truman High School for the reasonable price of $12,275 on Craigslist. His post described the building as a “Huge 20+ room facility” and listed the following selling points, among others:
“Newly build football field.”
“Newly added 4 modern day rooms.”
“Next to Walmart for convenience.”
“Huge parking lot, great for partygoers looking for somewhere to park.”
“Bigger than normal dinning room.”
“Reason for sale is due to loss of students coming up.”
“Named after hometown resident U.S. President Harry S. Truman and his family.”

I get it that it's senior year and you're excited... But don't jeopardize graduation. Good luck Seniors! We're proud of you! Up-coming seniors... Don't get any ideas from this!



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