Taco Bell is Opening What?!?!

Well if we didn't already love everything about Taco Bell, already... We are in Taco Bell heaven now folks!

The fast food chain is opening a hotel and resort in Palm Springs, California according to Yahoo. This will be magical and I may have to book a room for myself!

For anyone else who can’t get enough of the tantalizing faux Mexican cuisine, this is a dream come true: the fast-food chain is opening a hotel in Palm Springs, California.
Yes,The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resortis a thing that is happening and fans are tripping over their chalupas to book a room.
The hotel will be opening for a limited time this August, and will be for guests 18 years and older. Of course, they’ll have an exclusive Taco Bell menu, and other custom-themedtouches, like “Bell” hops,pool floatsin the shape of their famous hot sauce packets, and an on-site salon. I’m already dreaming of room-service Doritos Locos tacos.
If you find yourself feeling overwhelmingly romantic after your Nachos Bell Grande meal, you can always get married in aTaco Bell-themed weddingfor $600 at the chain’s Las Vegas Cantina flagship shop. It features a taco 12-pack, a Cinnabon Delights cake for the reception, and a bouquet of hot sauce packets for the bride.



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