Couple gets married after reuniting!

This is so awesome and sweet! This couple met when they were just toddlers and they were separated at the age of five... years later they meet again and this time, they got their fairy-tale!

CBS News shares more of the story with us,

Fate brought Natalie Crowe and Austin Tatman together when they were toddlers – and then it brought them back to each other 12 years later. Now, after 22 years, the preschool sweethearts are husband and wife.
Crowe and Tatman grew up together in Ocala, Florida, and were inseparable in preschool. "They were always hanging out together and that's kind of unusual at this age for boys and girls to always be together, but those two were always pretty close," their former teacher, Beth Summers,told Inside Edition.
She knew the pair had something special, but at age five, they were ripped apart. Crowe's family moved over 1,000 miles away to Connecticut. The best friends didn't see or hear from each other for 12 years.
Then, Crowe happened to find an old address book with Tatman's information in it. Social media finally existed, and now that she had his last name, she was able to look him up on Facebook. "Immediately, we started sending messages back and forth and sharing memories," Crowe said.

So awesome and we're happy for the sweet couple!



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