'The FUN Parent'

Sisters having fun in a swimming pool on a beautiful sunny day

There are moments in life where you wish you did more to have fun. I have those days too where I ask myself, did I do all that I could to have fun and enjoy the important moments?

One mom reflects upon her times when she has fun with her kids among her crazy life schedule. She tells yahoo all about it...

I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but quite often in life I forget to have fun. The kind of fun that makes me feel young. That makes me laugh so hard my belly aches. The kind of fun that takes my kids and husband by surprise.
I get so caught up in the day-to-day monotony of life, that I forget about fun. With a family of five, there are lunches to make, benches to wipe, floors to clean, dinner to cook, shopping to be done, washing to fold, bathrooms to clean, kids to drop off, readers to get through, diaries to sign, weeds to be pulled, lawns to be mown, windows to clean, nappies to change, cupboards to sort, dusting to be done (who am I kidding, dusting never even makes it onto my list, let alone actually get done). The list is endless...
But, every now and then, I decide it’s time to just have some fun and surprise my family. To hopefully give them memories that make them smile while they’re falling asleep. To make myself chill out a bit and not take life so seriously. To feel like I’m a cooler mum than I probably am. To embrace one of the great thingsour son’s heart conditionhas taught us: you never know what the future holds, so make the most of your life while you’ve got it.

I believe we all forget to have a little fun in there somewhere because we're too busy with life and you get pulled in all directions. I'll admit, it gets crazy! So go have a little fun even if you just take your kids to the park, have fun with them and create those memories! You're not guaranteed tomorrow.



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