'A new study shows using beagles to help detect cancer'

If you have a beagle, this might be a good thing to know about what your pup could possibly do for you!

Channel 2 in Atlanta tells us more on the story...

MYAKKA CITY, Fla.- Heather Junqueira is on a mission to save lives-- with help from her beagles.
It started about five years ago after the Florida researcher lost her father to cancer. 
"I had worked in the service dog industry," said Junqueira, the research director at BioScent Dx. "So I started doing research to see different things that dogs could do." 
She founda studyby the Pine Street Foundation about dogs detecting cancer in breath samples and decided to build on it.
Participants start by ordering a 50-dollar kit fromher company's website. It includes a surgical mask and a consent form.

That's pretty cool! Check out the video below!


Video Cred: Channel 2 WSB-TV



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