College for FREE?!

This might be something to look into if you're looking to start college in the future, if you're in college now or if you've graduated already. A huge part of college are the scholarships and if you don't manage to get those to help pay for your education, then you'll do like I did and look at student loans. This article from Forbes caught my eye because if you're talking about a possible cancellation of my student loans, then of course I'm stopping dead in my tracks...

Proposal: Cancel Student Loan Debt 
U.S. Senator Warren (D-MA), who is also a 2020 presidential candidate, proposed Monday an ambitious student loan forgiveness plan that could benefit tens of millions of Americans. The plan would cancel student loan debt for more than 95% of borrowers, and would entirely cancel student loan debt for more than 75% of Americans with student loan debt. Warren believes that her plan would reduce the wealth gap in America and provide an economic stimulus to the middle class to increase home purchases and help start small businesses.
According to thelatest student loan debt statistics, there are more than 44 million Americans who collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. Today, according to personal finance site Make Lemonade, student loan debt is now the second highest consumer debt category - second only to mortgages and higher than credit card debt and auto loans. By 2023,40% of student loan borrowersmay default on their student loans.

But I'm not so sure about splitting with the Federal and State...

Proposal: Make College Tuition-Free
Specifically, Warren's plan for universal free college would: "Give every American the opportunity to attend a two-year or four-year public college without paying a dime in tuition or fees." Warren proposes that the federal government and states split the cost of tuition and fees, without impact to "need-based financial aid or academic instruction."

I don't think upper-class folks are going to be happy when it comes to paying a part of their taxes that will go towards this funding...

What do you think?!



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