Kentucky girl creates 'Birthday Boxes' for classmates!


Despite all the craziness going on in the last two weeks or so, here's a heartwarming story! This Kentucky girl started building 'Birthday Boxes' when she was told by a few of her classmates that they couldn't afford to celebrate their own birthdays. Bella Smith took matters into her own hands to make sure no one else misses another birthday!

ABC News tells us more on the story!

"Two years ago, Bella Smith, a third-grade student at Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School in Kentucky, launched "Bella's Boxes." Bella started the project after a fellow student told her that his family couldn't afford to have a party for him, Smith's mom, Marlana Evans, told "Good Morning America."
"The school she attends is a Title 1 school, which means 80% of the population here is impoverished -- so we have students that struggle with a lot of things," said Evans, who teaches at Bella's school.
Evans said that Wyan-Pine has a backpack club which sends home to students that need it. Bella fills her "birthday boxes" with cake mix, balloons, icing, sprinkles and distributes them through the school's Family Resource Center.

The heart this little girl has... She's just awesome and this is genius!


Video Cred: ABC News


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