'New trend with Wedding Photos!'

So you're probably thinking, "What on earth? Zombies or Dinosaurs in a wedding photo?!" Well, yes! It's a new trend that people are catching on to, making their wedding photos even more interesting and memorable! Twenty Two Words, Lucy Huber, shares with us the many photos folks have photo shopped to look like they're running from something crazy or they're fighting off meat eating zombies!

In general, most people don't get too wild with their wedding shots. After all, these are the photos you're going to cherish forever and show your children and grandchildren, and most importantly post all over social media to brag about how great your wedding was (Just kidding! Sort of...).
But not everyone takes a traditional approach to their wedding photography. Like many wedding trends in the last few years, many people are putting their own spin on what once was pretty standard. But this time, instead of mismatched bridesmaid dresses or a smores bar instead of a cake, people are going a little bit further and photoshopping some pretty crazy stuff into their wedding photos.

Would you do this?! Here are just a few! I think it's pretty cool, actually. A way to show originality and personality to the special day!

See below for few of the photos taken...


Photo Cred: Twenty Two Words, Lucy Huber



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