Master's Week Traffic Plan!

If you're like me and you need to know the flow of traffic during Master's Week, which is less than two weeks away... then this might be something to keep an eye on. While you want to be involved in all of the festivities, it's good to know the flow of traffic during Master's Week in Augusta. I survived my first Master's Week last year by avoiding Washington Road completely because that's exactly what everyone told me when I first arrived.

Fox 54 reports that the City has a traffic plan specifically for this week and it'll start getting bad around April 6th.
Augusta’s Traffic Engineering Division unveils a plan to deal with traffic during the Masters Tournament Wednesday evening. The plan manages traffic going into and out of the area surrounding Augusta National Golf Club.
The annual golf tournament will be played in Augusta Apr. 11 - 14, but will have a significant impact on transportation around the city beginning Apr. 6.
FOX 54 will update you on the plan.

Here's to my second Master's Week...



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