WATCH: Young couple spots a ghost in their kids' room!


As if this isn't 'spooky' enough, a young couple spotted a ghost on camera after they saw scratches on their baby's face. Yahoo tells us more about what the couple found,

A young couple in Michigan claims that their home is possibly haunted by a malicious ghost after their daughter appeared to have three deep “purple scratches” on her face. They also believe they have captured the poltergeist on their nanny cam. 
Now, they’re ready to move out.
Heather Brough, 25, and her fiancé, Josh Higgins, 30, set up the camera after they discovered the purple scratches on their one-year-old, Lily. They believe what they captured on the camera can only be described as a ghost.

I don't blame them for wanting to leave... Do you?


Video Cred: Yahoo


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