Kit Kat Drumsticks

I used to eat Kit Kats as a kid of course... I don't eat as much candy anymore. But these bad boys caught my eye and I gotta say the little jingle to myself, "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!"

According to Insider,

Few things are more fun than when our favorite sweet treats join forces, which is why candy lovers are flipping out over Nestlé's new Kit KatDrumsticks, which put a chocolate wafer twist on the iconic packaged ice cream cone.
Nestlé, the company behind many of our favorite snack foods, recently released aKit Kat versionof its beloved cone confections. According to a Nestlé spokesperson, Kit Kat Drumsticks will be sold at Kroger stores nationwide and will be sold at other grocery stores in the future.
Each four-pack box features four Drumstick cones, with the signature vanilla ice cream in a cone lined with chocolate The ice cream is coated in a chocolate shell with roasted peanuts, but this chocolate shell features Kit Kat wafers embedded into it. It retails for roughly $3.99. The Drumsticks also come in an eight-pack variety that has a chocolate ice cream version of the treat.

Um YES PLEASE! My mouth is watering now and I believe I need to make my way over to Kroger soon to look for these sweet treats!


Photo Cred: Insider


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