Improvements on Traffic Flow in Richmond County!

According to The Augusta Chronicle, A new center is expected to improve the traffic flow in Richmond County! Why not, right?! This could help especially during events and concerts. Remember how crazy it was in downtown Augusta during the St. Patrick's Day parade and celebration? Yeah, I'd say it was pretty packed with cars.

The Augusta Chronicle reports,

"A new facility that will help manage traffic flow throughout Richmond County officially opened Tuesday.
The Traffic Management Center, located in the Augusta Engineering Building, is expected to improve transportation efficiency on a day-to-day basis and during special events. The $4.5 million project was funded through Transportation Investment Act Band 1 funds.
John Ussery, Augusta's assistant director for traffic engineering, said the center will allow the department to monitor traffic signals in real time, which it was not able to do. It will also reduce traffic signal repair times. Without TIA funding, the project would have taken years.
"Even with local funding, it would have taken them years and years to fund enough money for us to actually be able to do that," Ussery said. "The big improvement with the TIA project is that we were able to get it all funded at the same time, so we can get it all built and installed at the same time."

What are your thoughts on this?


Video Cred: The Augusta Chronicle



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