Things to watch for that could trigger an IRS audit of your taxes

Tax Consultants Prepare For New Tax Guidelines

Well, I'm in the middle of doing my own taxes and these tips on what could cause a trigger for an audit is in my best interest to read... Yahoo Business gives us the scoop on what we should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to this sort of thing when filing our taxes.

"No one wants a visit from the Internal Revenue Service. But if you get too generous with your calculations, you may need to back up your tax return.
“For individuals, it usually comes down to being too overly aggressive with tax deductions or benefits that could invite the IRS in,” says Logan Allec, a certified public accountant and owner of the personal finance site Money Done Right.
In most cases, you’ll receive a request for more information if your return falls under review. In tax year 2017, seven in 10 of the agency’s return examinations were conducted by correspondence rather than in person."

I suppose we'll need to back it on up to do things the right way. Always be honest! I've been notorious for filing at the last minute in March... Let's see how this goes.



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