Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

Of course I've bought my share of Girl Scout cookies this season and actually gave them to my parents to eat. Then there was the South Carolina man who bought all the boxes so the little girls could get out of the cold... That turned out he was arrested the very next week- the FBI had been looking for him.

Now, yahoo lifestyle is telling us that one of the popular flavors of Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints are actually vegan. I'm waiting on sugar free please...

"Girl Scout cookie season may be winding down for the year, but before the last troops set up shop, I've got some good news for any vegans or non-dairy shoppers: You, too, can indulge in at least a few varieties of cookies. Along with two gluten-free options (Toffee-tastic and Caramel Chocolate Chip), there are four Girl Scout cookies made without egg or milk products-including one original flavor you might be surprised to see on the list."



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