'Laundry Balls Saves Money on Dryer Sheets & Energy Bill'

I'm all about saving myself some money anyway I can and I believe this is a good little tip to save some cash! Yahoo Lifestyle tells us what could save us from a load of headache and actually softens our laundry...

"These doodads—which you toss in the dryer with wet clothes—promise to make clothes softandshorten drying time. As someone who is obsessed with NOT washing and drying my clothes too much (it wears them out so fast and I hate doing laundry), I found this very appealing. Shorter drying time is not only easier on fabrics but it saves energy, which means lower energy bills. And less time doing laundry!
The brand I’d been hearing about,Smart Sheep, are handmade in Nepal of pure New Zealand wool. That’s a lotta traveling already for something meant to save the earth, but still, I was excited to test them out. I saved up all my laundry (as in, I used this as an excuse to ignore the mounting piles of clothing, sheets, and towels). Here, dear, reader is how it went.
Smart Sheep Dryer Balls($17)come 6 to a package, with a small instruction card. They look organic—like something you’d see in a decorative basket at a high-end home furnishings store. And my cat really, really wanted them."

Would you try them?! I think I'll have to!


Photo Cred: Yahoo Lifestyle- Amazon


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