'McDonalds Employee Pays For Customers Food'

I absolutely love stories like this. It makes my heart warm and it's a great reminder that good people are just awesome! After an Ohio woman forgot her wallet at work, the sweet McDonalds' employee picked up the food tab.

Yahoo tells more on the story, "A woman in Reading, Ohio, who realized she forgot her wallet after ordering food at McDonald’s was so grateful to the employee who paid for her meal that she published a tribute to him on Facebook — and now it’s gone viral.
Friday was a long day at work in the horse stables for Aundrea Duncan, as she described in a post about her fateful trip to the fast food chain.
“I ordered my food but realized as I got to the window to pay, I had left my wallet at work,” Duncan wrote.
So she told the “handsome young man” at the counter to please cancel her order. But that young man, Jeremiah McDonald-Hemphill, was having none of it.
“His response was ‘It’s OK, ma’m, I got you,'” Duncan wrote. “He then took his wallet out and paid for my meal.”

Yes! We need more people like Jeremiah! This is just so sweet. Happy Friday, folks!


Post Cred: Aundrea Duncan



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