Two Baseball Players Who Look The Same With The Same Name!

I've gotta say... This is pretty cool and this sort of situation is rare but stuff like this has ALWAYS intrigued me.

Two minor league baseball players are the same height, same facial features and what would you know... the same EXACT name. (Spelled the same way.)

MSN tells us, "Two minor league players are causing some major league confusion because of their names, their looks and, well, everything else.
Brady Feigl is a 6-foot, 4-inch pitcher for a Single-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s. Meanwhile, Brady Feigl is a 6-foot, 4-inch pitcher for the Texas Rangers’ Triple-A club.
Both Bradys have red hair, sport red beards and favor thick glasses, according toInside Edition.
Even stranger: Both of them underwent Tommy John surgery and used the same doctor, according toInside Edition.


Photo Cred: MSN


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