7 Ways to Handle Jealousy

Jealous curious black man holding glasses spying his girlfriend's mobile phone while she is typing message to her lover and smiling happily. Betrayal, unfaithfulness, infidelity and lack of trust

Well it looks like we can blame social media for this feeling we get when it comes to seeing everyone else live highlights of blissfulness... But then again, when it's your turn, of course you're going to show off what you have. You're proud of what you have in that moment and you definitely want to share it with the world or nonetheless, remember the moment. Then if you look at it from the perspective of others, there's the tendency of having a little personal pang of jealousy or envy.

Yahoo tells us some ways you can handle or "Cope" with jealousy especially when it comes to seeing others live a life you wish existed for you at the time. In all reality, it probably isn't true from that perspective. If you don't agree, no hard feelings, but to me, social media is really the highlight reels! Let's just enjoy it for what it is and praise people for what they have in that moment. I feel better when I do that. Smile on CSRA!

1) Know what jealousy is...
“Jealousy and envy are two branches on the same tree,” says licensed psychologist Kate Balestrieri. “Jealousy contains a little more fear. Envy contains a little more resentment.”



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