University Professor Gives Longest History Lecture

I loved the beginning of history. But when it came down to reading the text books and remembering who fought what and who did what... Let's just say history wasn't my strong point in school. I would get names and dates mixed up. If there was a part of history that I didn't mind in college, I absolutely loved Political Science. I thought it was pretty cool to learn the process of how the Electoral College worked and how a Bill became a law! If I couldn't remember anything, that was one thing that did interest me. 

Okay, enough about me in history class... 

A University of North Texas has a professor who gave the longest history lecture to be in the Guinness Book of World Records! Fox 5 Atlanta reported, "Historian Andrew Torget is attempting to deliver the longest history lecture. He started at 9 a.m. Friday and has enough material to continue his lesson until 3 p.m Saturday." 


Video Cred: Fox 4 Atlanta



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