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Senior Homeless Dog Gets EVERYTHING!

You guys know how passionate I am about animals and animal rescue. My heart breaks for every homeless/stray animal I see. I wish I could take them all and care for them, but I just can't.

This story melted my heart.

King is a 12 year old dog that lived on the streets after being abandoned. He also lost a leg due to being hit by a car. After his surgery, he was taken in by a rescue group (thank God for all rescues!). Not the easiest life for King... and being a senior dog AND having a disability definitely didn't make it easy for him to find a fur-ever home either. :(

After months of trying, no one even put in an application to adopt King.

Then, a TV Host for "Dogs Day Out", Rocky Kanaka, heard King's story and wanted to help. (Background on Kanaka's show-- he takes shelter dogs out for a "perfect day" and they often find fur-ever homes as a result).

Kanaka decided to take King shopping-- buying him any and everything he touches-- no matter what it was (except a hamster... LOL).

King had a blast picking out all sorts of things-- starting with food! He wasn't sure about the toys-- having never had one- but Rocky helped him out! After all was said and done-- the shopping cart was full of toys and treats. King's tail kept on wagging!

And the BEST part?!

King got adopted just a few days after the original video was posted! See it below!

(The Animal Rescue Site Blog)

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