Siblings Meet After 53 Years!

All thanks to, these two siblings met for the first time after 53 years! Imagine spending that many years of your life wondering!

The two received matching results on the DNA website, and Jim Lawless flew from Houston, Texas to Jackson County, Kentucky after receiving the results.

He said, "I was nervous. Wondering if we had anything in common. I was told growing up I had a sister, but I thought she died."

They spent all those years not knowing whether a sibling was out there or not. A simple DNA test and phone call changed it all. Tracy Walton said, " I've been looking for him for years. Because he went in and did the DNA test we could finally hook up.

While Tracy had done her DNA test years ago, it wasn't until Father's Day of this year that Jim took his. Jim said he never questioned the results and can see resemblances in his family, even saying his daughter looks identical to Tracy.

The siblings have spent a few days talking and going through old photos. That's a lot to catch up on! Tracy says, “We've been sitting talking about our families, how we grew up, and what we have in common. It's like there isn't enough time in the day to talk about it. All the years that we have missed."

Tracy plans for her and her husband to visit her brother in Houston in the future!

Two siblings, Tracy Walton and Jim Lawless, met for the first time in 53 years after receiving matching results on // Madison Pergrem



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