Fitness Friday- No Pain No Gain?

Another week has come and gone. Another week full of workouts each morning. Started a new routine with weights Monday, Wednesday, Friday and TWO cardio days (Which means... more box jumps... yay!)

And... I injured myself, and my left shin AGAIN! This time, I'd laid an EZ bar on the bench... turned my head, and it rolled and banged/scraped down my shin. OUCH!

But that kind of pain isn't exactly what I'm referring to this week. We've all heard the old "No Pain No Gain" statement when it comes to working out. But I don't believe in this phrase. Mainly because you are putting yourself at MAJOR risk of injuring, or further injuring yourself. There's a difference in a little soreness and your body screaming to take a break. You need to be really in tune with what's going on in your body.

For example, back in February, I ran my first half marathon. Afterward, I was in SO much pain. My knees were killing me and after the initial soreness started wearing off, I realized I have an issue with the inside arch/ankle area on my left foot. While it has gotten better, there are still times I can feel it pulling/aching. As much as I want to go out and run some distance, I've had to take it easy.

The biggest thing is giving myself GRACE. Understanding that sometimes you have to rest, sometimes you have to take it easier than you want. Y'all I never thought I'd miss running. I am still doing easy miles (1-3 miles once or twice a week) but have to back off when I feel that discomfort.

Same thing in the gym-- soreness is a good thing (I always feel like it proves I really got a good workout) but over using your muscles doesn't give them a chance to repair... and if you continue, you may really hurt yourself.

Pain and soreness aren't the same thing. Know the difference!



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