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Fitness Friday -- Embarrassment!

Happy Fitness Friday! Hope you've had an awesome week. For me, we decided to shake things up at the gym to beat the boredom and lack of motivation... so I've been a little "off" not knowing what day it is! Haha.

And this week... I embarrassed myself.

Well, I'm not sure if that's quite the word I should use. I hurt myself... and my pride a bit.

Back to the box jumps... Lord they will be the death of me. I think it was Tuesday (since that was our new leg day). We'd done some leg exercises and have been incorporating some cardio at the end of our workouts. So since box jumps are great leg workouts AND cardio... here we go.

Picture this. The boxes are on the "turf" inside the gym, and if you're not careful... they slide easily! So, we've been putting the round weight plates on the sides to prevent this. Well, I think we've previously been using 25 pounds... and this week we put 45 plates down (which are bigger). I'm going to blame that on the reason for my embarrassment.

Got a couple of jumps in before I stumbled into a jump and SMASHED my shin into the box. Like tripped up on the weight, or just didn't get enough height to my jump or something

Now, I immediately walked off and sat on the floor. I'll be honest, I thought I would cry. It hurt SO badly. Throbbing pain. But I'm not sure if it was more the physical pain or the embarrassment of messing up in the gym. Maybe a combination of both... but Lord was it hard. I can't believe I don't have a huge black and blue bruise to show for it-- but it is still a little sore!

Now, I will say, at least I'm in the gym SUPER early, so there weren't a lot of people in there. Part of it probably was my frustration with myself. I am my biggest critic- always. I hold myself to high standard and get disappointed in myself too.

BUT-- I finished my work out... and came back for more later this week.

I say all of this to say.. GET BACK UP! Get through the embarrassment. Keep going. Chances are-- no one saw you. And if they did, they probably aren't laughing at you. They've probably done the same or worse. PLUS, you should be proud of yourself for being there in the first place!

I will say this morning during cardio day, we did more box jumps. I must have some PTSD from Tuesday, because I did hesitate a bit more today than I have been. But what is life if you can't get back up after a fall? Learn to laugh it off and learn from it!

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