Local Rescue Group Helping 40 Shelter Dogs!

Forty local shelter dogs will be transported from Augusta Animal Services today. They will be going to rescues in New York and New Jersey. This is one of the largest single moves the shelter has ever had, and it's all thanks to Project Freedom Ride! You might remember that group from a post a while back. Project Freedom Ride is a rescue group that started with a 7-year-old boy named Roman! He has a huge passion for animals, and has helped rescue MANY animals and help them get adopted through his adorable videos! Roman's mom, Jenn McConn has been working close to a month to get this large transport ready!

(Augusta Chronicle)

Project Freedom Ride began when the family was living in Texas, and they began making videos to help the animals find homes. Even after moving to Washington, then most recently to Augusta, the rescue has continued their mission and spends on average $15,000 a month transporting animals out of kill shelters. Thankfully, between generous donations (as a result of Roman being featured on a couple of videos with The Dodo) and his recent appearance on The Ellen Show, they group has been able to continue. While they originally thought they'd do rescue transports a few times... it appears God had a much bigger plan and has opened many door for this amazing rescue!



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