Stray Dog In Nashville Becomes Movie Star!

You might recognize this sweet face, so it's hard to believe just two years ago, Shelby was found in a junkyard!

Megan Buhler, a Cheatham County Animal Control officer, found Shelby searching for scraps at a landfill in Nashville, and was eventually able to get her in the car. She then took her to the nearby shelter for vaccinations and food.

After that, Shelby got a photo shoot in effort to help her get adopted... and there wasn't a lot of info on her. But something amazing happened!


The crew for the movie "A Dog's Way Home" really wanted to use a rescue dog for the film, but were having a hard time finding one with the right temperment. Luckily, Teresa Ann Miller, an experienced dog trainer, found Shelby and had her big screen ready in just 3 months of training!

Shelby is currently taking a break from being a movie star, living in California with her trainer and working as a therapy dog! Check out more on her story through Inside Edition!



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