America's Got Talent Finale Last Night...

The past couple of seasons of America's Got Talent, I've watched pretty much every episode.  I get totally invested in it.  I will admit, there were several HIGHS and LOWS this season.  Many times I'd fuss at the TV and ask why the judges let certain ridiculous acts go through.  I might've teared up a few times with the back story on some of the acts.  I've laughed at the jokes and at some crazy acts.  It's been a roller coaster this season.

My favorite acts made it through to the finale, and man was it a tough one! SO many great and talented people! My top picks were Michael Ketterer, Vicki Barbolak, Samuel J Comroe and Courtney Hadwin.  I just loved them all and it was so hard to watch last night.  


I could not believe the results.  I was actually kind of mad! Not that Shin Lim isn't talented.  I was blown away by some of his performances, but I really thought America would've chosen differently.  Maybe it's because I have a soft heart, but I thought Michael Ketterer, not only was an amazing singer, but his story is incredible.  But I will say, I am SO glad Garth Brooks came through with a song for him!  That may have been my favorite moment from the whole show.  

And honestly, Michael still WON... in my book.  I mean, he DOES get to go sing WITH GARTH BROOKS at his SOLD OUT SHOW at Notre Dame Stadium.  That is HUGE! 

I love Garth... and I love what Garth does for fans, and in this instance, what he did for Michael Ketterer.  I am a fan.  Check out Michael performing the song Garth wrote for him!



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