Dog Shaming This Morning- Which One Is Guilty?

This morning, I got out of the shower and looked in the bedroom and saw Cody's pillow in the middle of the bedroom floor, and some of the cotton ripped out of it. (Side note: Don't judge! His pillow is an old body pillow... which we refer to as his girlfriend because despite being neutered, he still likes to *ahem* hump his pillow regularly).

Well, Cody typically lays outside of the shower the whole time I'm in there, so I was pretty sure it wasn't him.  Plus, Harley was laying near the pillow.  So I start to fuss at her and ask if she messed with "Bubba's" pillow.  She's looking guilty (but she doesn't handle being scolded well anyway).  So as I'm fussing at her, I turn back around and see Cody with his back toward me and won't look at me (he can be sensitive too... if I raise my voice fussing about anything he gets nervous).  So here's the video I captured, because I couldn't handle the cuteness!


So after questioning Cody... Of course I had to return to Harley, because, Bless Her Heart... I'm pretty sure she's the guilty one!  (She has thrown up cotton before... Guilty much?).  So I had to record her reaction too.  


And even through we don't have an answer... neither of them got in serious trouble!  All it takes is talking sternly with them and they just know... we better behave!  Although... that doesn't always work on our morning walks.... hmmmm... 


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