America's Got Talent Trapeze Fail!

You guys know I love watching America's Got Talent!  Well, Tuesday night was a scary one!  The trapeze couple, Duo Transcend, had a stunt go wrong, causing Mary to fall to the ground.

You can only imagine that there have been many moments during practice where things have gone wrong, and Mary's husband said he was worried, but also knew she was trained on how to fall.  She said the trick was to tuck in her head so she didn't break her neck.  Thankfully she only suffered a small bruise on her back.

The couple claims part of the problem was the crowd noise, which made it difficult for them to hear each other's cues.  The blindfold was also new, because they were trying to "step up" their performance.  Another factor was their use of fire during the performance, which made them both sweatier, and probably made things more slippery! During practice though, the stunt worked perfectly.

Despite the fall, the couple did make it to the next round, the live show!



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